Table Linens

Wonder why Weddings in magazines look so amazing and put together?
Look closely, it’s all about the details!
Think of your table linens as the foundation for the impression you want to create!


Weddings by Angelique offers a huge variety of Specialty Table Linens to choose from. From simple, elegant satin, textures to sparkle & bling throughout the entire room we’ve got you covered! When you stop in for a tour or book with us you won’t be able to resist looking through all the textures, fabrics and colors we have in stock!
When you book be sure to schedule your complimentary consultation. To take advantage of our time sensitive discounts.

Layer up to 3 combinations to create your vision!
Linens consist of Satins, sequined, textures and colors.

$32.00 within 60 days of booking
$36.00 within 90 days of booking
$40.00 per table - retail